Inside the Remarkable Souls membership you get CONNECTED SUPPORT with other simple practices, teachings and trainings, courses and workshops to guide you back to remembering and embodying the unique print that is already alive inside of you.

We will work with the natural synchronizing cycles that are already encoded within your core connection of LIFE.

Let's DREAM ALIVE because you, my beautiful one, are here to life a remarkable life as the remarkable soul that you are. Join me in the Dream Alive Tribe.

Included in Remarkable Souls Membership

Every month courses/workshops are being unlocked to support you. 

Connected Support

A LIVE monthly call with Q & A with the replays. 

Timely Topics

You will receive workshops with timely inspiration and teachings.

Manifesting Wall

Use our private forum to share your hopes and dreams. Speak it alive.

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Join now and begin the Soul Inspired Manifesting Series

All available now to activate and accelerate the SUPER-CHARGED CYCLE now here.

Prosperity Pathway 

Join in during the Mercury Retrograde period inside Remarkable Souls and access 21 days of re-shaping, re-shifting, rewriting your PROSPERITY PATHWAY. Get your prosperity momentum going as we enter the month full of thankful blessings. Daily mantras, mini meditations, specific journal entries and new shaped stamina in the prosperity path for you. Quantum prosperity. 360 prosperity. All around and everywhere. Yours to be living.

  • Daily Mantras
  • Weekly Deep Immersion Meditational Subconscious Programming
  • Mini Meditations
  • Daily Prosperity Intentional Journal Prompts
  • LIVE Connected Support Call

PRO-THE-SPIRIT of you. Prosperity.

Access the 21 Prosperity Mantra Pathway

 Paving the thankful blessing pathway in the month of November.



Get access to all the workshops, courses and LIVE calls. 

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High Value

1 Year*


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with a 12 month commitment *billed monthly



one time payment

for lifetime access to content, workshops, courses and exclusive offers.

*All sales are final, no refunds are permitted. Upon purchase of a 6 Month Plan, you are committed to a full payment of $222, billed in 6 equal monthly payments of $37. Upon purchase of a 1 Year Plan, you are committed to a full payment of $324 billed in 12 equal payments of $27 a month. Upon the end of the 6 or 12 month plan, your membership with auto-renew on a month-to-month basis until cancellation.

Connected Support Call & Timely Support Programs for November:

Access Workshops & Courses Immediately

With more unlocking every month to support you.